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Puppies are here!  Pinecoble Josephine whelped on the morning of September 1st. We have five thriving little pups sired by October Mountain River. Thanks again to the Weisse’s of October Setters for working with us to make this successful. There are 3 females and 2 males. One pup has an ear patch. The others will be true beltons, that is, they were born white and small ticks of black, tan or orange ticking will emerge in the next two or three weeks to represent the dogs’ overall markings as adults.

If you looked at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals database for Josey’s OFA certification, you might have missed it previously. OFA had her name spelled incorrectly, a minor error which was recently corrected.  You can see Josey’s OFA certificate here » Pinecoble Josephine OFA Certificate, and River’s here » October Mountain River.

Both Josey and River received OFA Excellent evaluations of their hips and Normal for elbows. We are very pleased to note that of the 62 positions in the five generation pedigree of this litter, one can find an OFA evaluation for 60 dogs, and a few more in the 6th generation  too!  Besides a track record for great hips, River has proven strong as a sire for great conformation.

Sugar Creek English Setters Storm


Storm & Sport

Along with our new puppy photos, we have posted pictures of Sport and Storm.  Thank you George Zarish and James Ramsey for sharing these photos of your dogs with us. These two young dogs, both descended from October Mountain River, show the classic conformation and head silhouette true to the Ryman type setter. We posted these photos to share with you the physical type of pups River produces. We hope you enjoy them, as we expect to see the same from this litter.

Sugar Creek English Setters Storm

Our location in the Finger Lakes puts us close to great grouse cover, as well as the veterinary school at Cornell University. This makes accessible a powerful screening tool. Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) testing of the litter is scheduled just after they reach 6 weeks of age. This non-invasive and quick test will establish the presence or absence of bilateral hearing in each pup. This is not yet a common practice among most breeders. It’s a transparent, scientific and proven third party evaluation.  With some potential for hearing issues in setters, we believe it should be used, both in representing a puppy to you as fit, and in identifying dogs that are superior candidates for breeding in the future.

Pups from this litter are $1000, with a $250 deposit requested to secure your choice of male or female, in the order your deposit is received. Please contact us for more information about our assurance on health, how to work with us if you need a pup shipped, transported or “ride shared”, or any other information. We want to hear from you, even if you are interested in simply making a connection with like minded devotees to the Ryman type setter!

Sugar Creek English Setters

Josey & River


Josey (Pinecoble Josephine) came to us from Warren Sheckell’s in the last days of his breeding program. Her soft and adoring temperament at home belies her drive and ability in the grouse woods. She has been an easy dog to develop, keeps in practical contact in the field, and has great stamina and natural instinct. Josey has a fluid, high stepping gait that is fun to watch and moves gracefully through the coverts. To see her pedigree click here » Pinecoble Josephine's Pedigree. OFA Excellent.


We visited October Setters in the fall of 2014 and soon after set our plan on breeding Josey to their bloodline. We were smitten with River’s excellent conformation and ease with which he greeted strangers. He is a very nicely marked blue belton. You can see River, his pedigree and get more information about him here » OFA Excellent.

Welcome to Sugar Creek English Setters!

The Ryman type setter has a unique balance of conformation, gait, athleticism and loyalty, that have led to a long tradition as personal companion bird dogs.