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Welcome to Sugar Creek English Setters. We are a small scale breeder in New York’s Finger Lakes Region devoted to English Setters often characterized as Ryman type, or dual style.

We strive to produce healthy, athletic dogs with strong pointing instincts, cooperative, biddable temperaments and the classic confirmation reminiscent of dogs first widely associated with George Ryman, Twombley, Pinewild and others during the early and mid 20th century. These dogs excel in pursuit of ruffed grouse and woodcock but are also successful in many other upland gamebird venues.

We are breeding for today’s upland bird hunter, who wants a dog that can be trained without harsh correction, handles easily in the field, points naturally, and is easy to have around family in the home. These qualities are fulfilled in the Ryman type setter with a unique balance of conformation, gait, athleticism and loyalty that have led to a long tradition as personal companion bird dogs.

JC and Gail have been involved in raising, training and living with dogs in various ways since childhood. JC started with English Setters in 1989, with a Pinewild female named Tess who now appears in the pedigrees of dogs from several other successful setter breeders. Our location in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes region offers access to excellent grouse and woodcock coverts where we can thoroughly prove a dog on wild birds. Travel through New York and sometimes other states lets us enjoy an extended woodcock flight season and work in a variety of excellent grouse coverts. In 2013 we acquired a 60 acre tract of land well suited for exercise and training with liberated quail. Our dogs live in the home and are accustomed to some time in the kennel too.

Simply, our goal is to produce a sound, athletic pointing dog with a biddable nature and stylish appearance. As a bird dog enthusiast, you have unequalled opportunities today to find a breed and style of dog that suits your interests. We enjoy the appearance, movement, and temperament that differentiate the Ryman type from other breeds, and from other types of dogs within the English Setter breed. Yes, we are a small scale breeder. Talk with us and you will find we still are dedicated to making discerning and informed breeding decisions, and working to better the breed rather than working off the status quo.

Welcome to Sugar Creek English Setters!

The Ryman type setter has a unique balance of conformation, gait, athleticism and loyalty, that have led to a long tradition as personal companion bird dogs.